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When UFOs Appear,

National News Agencies Fall Silent...

In late 1975, newspapers across the state of Montana reported dramatic sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The UFOs displayed particular interest in the nuclear-tipped Intercontental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) deployed around Great Falls, home of Malmstrom Air Force Base. Although these mysterious sightings continued for months and were widely reported and discussed regionally, they were ignored by national-level news organizations. Why? Was this sensational news story suppressed for "national security" reasons? Is this even possible in our media-saturated society? Just how has censorship worked in the past? Are the national news organizations really independent of the national-security state? How and under what circumstances do they cooperate? These are some of the questions explored in The Missing Times. You may be surprised and shocked by the answers.

"I . . . helped organize the CBS TV show around the Robertson Panel's conclusions."
- Dr. Thornton Page, CIA official (1966)

UFOs and National Security

The Missing Times explains why UFOs have been a serious national-security issue for the United States government since the 1940s. By the late 1940s, UFOs were a major news story and a public-relations hot potato for government authorities. Following a massive wave of UFO activity in 1952, the CIA decided it was time to suppress public interest in the subject via a covert, mass-media program of "training and debunking." The Missing Times provides solid evidence that this program was carried out, often with the silent cooperation of national news organizations. It is likely still being carried out today.

"UFOs were seen more frequently around areas vital to the defense of the United States. The Los Alamos-Albuquerque area, Oak Ridge, and White Sands Proving Ground rated high. Port areas, Strategic Air Command bases, and industrial areas ranked next."
- Edward J. Ruppelt, Head of Project Blue Book (1956)

Understanding Media Deceptions

The Missing Times explains how and why major news organizations have worked covertly with the U.S. government to manage public opinion about "national security" issues for nearly a century, but especially since World War II when journalists and spies became best of friends. Today, there may be little difference between major news organizations and the U.S. military/intelligence establishment when it comes to national-security issues. If you ever wondered why the subject of UFOs disappeared from the front pages of the nation's newspapers and became a virtual journalistic taboo, read The Missing Times. But beware: If you do, you may have difficulty ever trusting the news again!

"I do know that the CIA and the U.S. government have been concerned over the UFO phenomenon for many years and that their attempts, both past and recent, to discount the significance of the phenomenon and to explain away the apparent lack of official interest in it have all the earmarks of a classic intelligence cover-up."
- Victor Marchetti,
former executive assistant to the deputy director, CIA (1979)

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In 2002, The Missing Times was awarded "Best Book In a UFO Subject" by Britain's UFO Magazine.